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Chatham, Kent, ME5 8PU

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St. Josephs’s Class (Year R)



What a start to the Summer Term! ‘Evil Pea’ has taken over St. Joseph’s class and only a superhero can save us! Luckily, we’ve got Supertato nearby to help us!

We are really looking forward to diving into our new topic ‘Superheroes’ this term, which includes us looking into ‘Superheroes in our Community.’

We will be:

  • What makes a superhero?
  • Investigating who are the heroes in our local community?
  • Do the children have what it takes to pass Superhero Training?

They will have to pass:

Super speed

Super balance

Super strength

Super saving skills!

  • They will be learning about the healthy choices we should be making with our food and exercise.
  • Create and video their own short superhero stories using props!
  • Writing plans and designing traps
  • Writing ‘WANTED’ posters to find Evil Pea and his crew of
  • Pricing up our own local supermarket in the role play area
  • Using our mini-superheroes to help us solve problems in Maths


At home this term:

Mathletics Homework

Daily Reading

Learn their Red Words

 Wish us good luck as we head into a term full of Superheroes!

 Miss Howell