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Virtual Mathematics

Useful websites to test your mathematical skills

Why not visit one of these sites and test your mathematical skills.

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At St. Benedict's we use Mathletics to support our Maths learning.  Weekly Mathletics homework is set every Monday. 

 The extra Mathletics practice at home can make all the difference to your progress.  Can you achieve a weekly target of 1000 points? Try to to earn a certificate, building through bronze, silver and gold across the school year. Go for gold!

Please click here for a guide to Mathletics 

Please click on the link below to enter the Mathletics site



As you may be aware there have been recent changes to the National Curriculum.  One of the major changes is that children should be able to recall multiplication and division facts for multiplication tables up to 12x12, by the end of year 4.

 Across the school we are having a huge push on learning our Times Tables.  We have found that many of our children struggle to retain their knowledge of the tables and as they move onto learning a new table, they forget the ones they have learnt previously.

 What is the Year 4 multiplication tables check?

Please visit these links for more support and advice on Times Tables: