THE Governing BODY

St Benedict's is a Catholic Voluntary Aided School.

The governing bodies of Voluntary Aided Schools are corporate bodies with exempt charitable status.  A corporate body has a legal identity separate from its members.

The duties of a governing body are set out in various regulations and in the Education Act 2002.  These duties are many and varied but are a benefit to the community and rewarding to the individual governor.

The duties can be summarised in having a general responsibility for the conduct of the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement.

The governing body work in close partnership with the Headteacher and all teaching and non teaching staff.

The qualifications and disqualifications of school governors are set out in the Constitution Regulations 2003.

In order to carry out their duties governors regularly visit the school so that they can develop their understanding of the school which will enable them to fulfil their statutory responsibilities for the conduct of the school.

Each visit is made to carry out a specific purpose.  These visits are not a professional inspection or a monitoring or evaluation of staff since these are the duties of the Headteacher.  The aim of the visits are to assist the school in achieving its objectives. Governors regularly attend in house and external teaching courses which are provided free of charge.  These courses are provided to help governors to fully understand and carry out these duties.

Governors meet for full governors meetings at least four times a year in addition each governor must serve on one or more sub committees.  These sub committees are the means by which the governing body remains in close contact with the school.



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