Mr G Sharratt  (Chair of Governors)
Term of office to: 20/02/2023
Foundation Governor
Chair of personnel / Admissions Governor/ Appointed Finance Governor
Personnel Committee
Declared Business Interests -  Millfields Photography (October 2005)


Mrs Burford (Head teacher)
Term of office to: On-going
Head teacher
All committees
Declared Interests: Staff Member

 Mrs Read
Term of office to: 11/09/2022
Staff Governor
Curriculum committee
Declared Interests: Staff Member

Mr Brett

Term of office to:  25/07/2025
Foundation Governor
Premises committee
Spouse of Mrs Brett
Declared Interests: None

 Mrs Upton

Term of office:18/01/2025
Foundation / Finance /Personnel Governor
Declared Interests: None

 Mrs Warren-Heys (Vice Chair)
Term of office to: 22/9/2022
Foundation  Governor
Curriculum (MA&T,  Pupil Premium) committee
Declared Interests: None

Clerk to Governors Mrs Mitchell
Register of Business interest: Clerk to St. Thomas More school / Clerk to Williamson Trust Primary School



Mrs O'Connell

Term of office to: 26/03/2022
Foundation Governor (Curriculum and Safeguarding)
Declared Interests: None

Mr Blatter

Term of office: 30/11/2024
Foundation Governor
Declared Interests: None

Fr. Pawel

Term of office: 30/11/2024
Foundation Governor
Declared Interests: None

 Mrs Pastore 

Term of office: 28/02/2023
Parent Governor
Declared Interests: None

 Mrs Brett

Term of office to: 02/11/2022
Parent Governor (Safeguarding and Curriculum)
Spouse of Mr Brett

 Mrs King

Term of office to: 07/11/2022
Co-opted Governor  - No voting rights
Chair of curriculum
Declared Interests: Staff Member

Should you wish to contact a governor for any reason, please speak to the school office.

Foundation Governors are appointed by the Diocese, LEA Governors are appointed by the Local Authority, Teaching and Non Teaching Staff Governors are elected by the staff of the school.  Parent Governors are elected by the parents of children attending the school.  

School Governors are always needed; should you wish to become a School Governor of St Benedict's Catholic Primary School or any other school you should contact the Medway Local Education Authority Governor Services, tel:  01634 331052 or e-mail