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1stDecember 2017

I had pleasure in attending the first coffee morning for parents held in the school hall this morning, Friday 1st December. It was good to be able to speak to parents of children in Year R who are some new faces to our school, as well as spending some time with parents who have had children at the school for many years! Everyone enjoyed a cup of tea or coffee and a wonderful selection of cakes and biscuits kindly provided by the SBA. These sort of events really help our school to feel like a family, and work to ensure that members of the senior staff are easily accessible for any parent to speak to. We hope to continue to run these mornings in the future.

Rebecca Warren-Heys, Foundation Governor

10th June 2017

Dear Barbara, 

I just had to write and thank you for the wonderful `Governors Visit` you organised for us last Wednesday.

Lunch with the children was a most enjoyable experience, and it was good to see how well organised and independent the children were in sorting out their lunch and seating.  The children made me very welcome especially Abraham and Osi who kept me company throughout.

Visiting the classrooms was of great interest to me.  I am always impressed/amazed with the depth of preparation, checking, individual follow up and record keeping that we hear about at the curriculum meetings.  Visiting classrooms gave a practical demonstration of just how effective this complex preparation and follow up is, also how comfortable the children are- talking about the task in hand.

The displays throughout the school are staggering, the children's artwork beautiful on impact but hearing about the inspiration/research/learning involved in each different display emphasis the amount of preparation by the teachers; a wonderful way to learn , understand and enjoy a wide range of interests ensuring a sound basis for further learning and living in years to come.

And then there are the `outdoor` extensions to the children's experience the `allotment` the woodland areas where so much happens.  FANTASTIC.

Congratulations to you all, providing such an interesting and loving approach to learning for so many young people.

And a BIG `Thank you` for giving me such a great experience, may God continue to Bless you all and the great teaching you do; He must have a permanent smile of His face as he watches over you.

Mavis Westbrook.

7th June 2017

Governors met on the 7th June for our annual Governors’ Day.  We enjoyed lunch with the children and then were able to see them at play in the new designated ‘quiet area’ and more boisterous play area!  It was wonderful to see the variety of fruit and vegetables growing in the allotment, and the love and care that the nurture group, led by Mrs Collins, have been lavishing on the area.  After lunchtime we were led by members of the Senior Management Team around the school for a ‘Learning Walk’ which enabled us to see the children at work in their classrooms.  We were particularly impressed with the way our phonics programme, ‘Read, Write, Inc.’ was being delivered to children who had now been split into sets depending on their stage of learning.  It was a joy to see Year R enjoying learning their sounds in small, focused groups.  Miss Howell, our Literacy Lead, has done a great job implementing the programme, ably assisted by many other staff in our early years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.  We were also able to see an amazing performance of A Midsummer Night’s dream by a theatre company who used puppets and song to tell the story.  Eventually it was time to sit down at our own desks and have our meetings, but the highlight of the day for us as Governors is always meeting with, talking to, and learning about the children. We are already looking forward to our next Governors’ Day!

12th May 2017

On Thursday 12th May I spent the afternoon in Year 2 helping with their Design and Technology projects.  The children are making hand puppets of animals from the rainforest.  They had all drawn plans of their animals.  It was great to see all of their ideas.  It was wonderful to be able to help and see how excited they were to begin making their designs.  Written by Mrs Upton

11th May 2017

It was my pleasure to meet today with Mrs McAlpine, our Lead for the More Able and Talented (MA&T) pupils at the school. She has been busy collecting evidence for a prestigious assessment by the National Association of Able Children in Education (NACE).  If we are granted the Challenge Award which we're aiming for, St Benedict's will be the first school in Medway to receive it! The award looks at our teaching practise in eight key areas and is a very rigorous way of checking that the most able children in the school are being challenged to reach their full potential. However, this way of teaching has enormous benefits for all children and the whole school, so it is well worth pursuing. It means that our teaching staff are thinking carefully about using new methods and strategies of asking questions, and encouraging children to do their own research and make exciting new investigation and discoveries for themselves. Please say a little prayer for our school on July 7th, which is when we will be receiving our assessment from NACE.
Rebecca Warren-Heys - Foundation and MA&T Link Governor

10th May 2016

I attended the Via Lucis Stations of the Resurrection on Wednesday 10th May 2016.  It was a lovely celebration with the children demonstrating each station with readings accompanied by acting and dance.  The children had obviously worked hard on their performance.  Written by Mrs Upton 

12th March 2016

Today (22nd March 2016) I was privileged to lead the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament … the first one ever in St Benedict’s School, I was told.

I have led many Adorations before but I have to say that this one was special, not only because it took place at school.  The arrangement of the hall: spotlight on the monstrance, half circle sitting arrangement with the altar as a central point, then well-chosen music and carefully chosen readings along with an adequate reflection, all of that created a wonderful atmosphere for prayer.  The total prayerful silence at the central point of the Adoration and wonderful behaviour of children says a lot.  The presence of the Lord truly spoke.

All I can say is that this Adoration over all was a moving experience worth continuing at St. Benedict’s and promoting among other schools.  Written by FR. Bart