St Benedict's Catholic Primary School

Lambourn Way, Lordswood,
Chatham, Kent, ME5 8PU

01634 669700

Medicine and health


St. Benedict’s is a peanut free zone which means that pupils’ packed lunch should not contain any peanuts.



During morning break pupils have the opportunity to eat a small snack of either fruit or vegetables only. Parents also have the opportunity to pay for cool milk each day.

Free Fruit is delivered daily for infant classes.


Children are all issued with a drinking water bottle with their name on. These should be taken home every evening and washed and refilled for the next day. Children are responsible for these bottles and must be reminded that they are to be used correctly.



Your child’s health will be monitored at regular intervals. The school nurse is part of a team, which provides a professional service to promote and monitor the health of the school children in Lordswood. She will be making regular visits and can be available for consultation and advice.

During your child’s first year at school, the school nurse will do a medical assessment of your child. Sight and hearing will be tested as well as general development. If there are any concerns the nurse will contact you.


If your child is not well, even though they may want to come to school, please keep them at home. In the confined space of the classroom, children can “pass on” illness to other children and staff. If they feel poorly they will be miserable and may relate this to being at school with very little learning taking place. When your child returns to school they must bring a written note to explain their absence. Please telephone the school if your child is going to be absent.


Medicines must NOT be brought into the school. If your child needs to take any medication during the school day then parents must come into school and administer it. If your child suffers from asthma, then their medication must be labelled so that it can be kept in the classroom where it will be readily accessible should they require it. 


Parents of disabled children are asked to give the Headteacher details of the disability as soon as they apply for a place at the school. The Headteacher will arrange a meeting at a mutually convenient time to discuss whether or not the school will be able to meet their needs.


A cause of concern to our parents is the presence of nits and lice. We urge all parents to check their child’s hair daily, and to use a “wet comb” routine as advised by school nurse after washing. It is school’s policy to inform all parents by telephone if lice or nits are spotted. We then request that the child is taken home for treatment.