St Benedict's Catholic Primary School

Lambourn Way, Lordswood,
Chatham, Kent, ME5 8PU

01634 669700

BEHAVIOuR and Principles

Discipline is the responsibility of the Headteacher. Misbehaviour is dealt with through our CODE OF CONDUCT. We have a minimum of rules they are easier to enforce and easier for children to remember.  The three main ones that we insist upon are courtesy to adults, consideration for one another and no fighting or bullying.  If you are concerned about your child being bullied, please let us know as soon as possible both for the sake of your child and others.

If we could limit our Code to one word, it would be “RESPECT”. Most children see the reason for the Code of Conduct and its importance so that in a busy and crowded environment, we work in a spirit of harmony and co-operation. We believe our teaching of Christian values greatly helps this process.

There is of course no corporal punishment in this school.

We have a system of rewards and punishments in order to back up our Code of Conduct and the rewards outnumber the punishments.

The most common sanctions used would be loss of free time and extra work. If this fails, we would ask the parents concerned to collaborate closely with us to find a remedy. In more serious and persistent cases it may be that the services of the Educational Psychologist or Behaviour Support Service would be enlisted. In the very last resort, we would consider exclusion.

We appeal to parents to give their total support to all those concerned with the supervision of their children - Headteacher, teachers and non-teaching staff.