DfE regulations require the school to make certain information available at the school to parents and the public.

The school holds information on the following:

  1. Medway’s statement of curriculum policy and the governing body’s statement of curriculum aims

  2. Statutory Instruments, circulars and administrative memoranda relating to powers and duties under the “Curriculum” section of the Education Reform Act.

  3. Any published HMI Reports which refer explicitly to the school

  4. Any schemes of work currently used by teachers in the school

  5. Any syllabuses followed

  6. A copy of the arrangements for the consideration of complaints about the school curriculum made by the Medway LA

  7. A copy of that part of the Trust Deed which deals with RE and RE syllabus in the school


Freedom of Information Policy 

GDPR and Data Protection Policy 

Privacy Notice - Coronavirus - Track and Trace

Privacy Notice - Coronavirus Testing

Privacy Notice for Parents/Carers

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