Promoting British Values

Religious Education

At St. Benedict’s our Religious Curriculum, ‘The Way, the Truth and The Life’ is lived out as a whole school programme encouraging us to fulfil Jesus Christ’s Mission to love one another and to respect each other. Each year we look to deepen our own faith and learn about other people’s religions. The summer term sees the Infants going on a Pilgrimage to our local Parish Church. Older pupils visit our local Sikh Temple and Synagogue.


Our programme enshrines Catholic values relating to the importance of stable relationships, marriage and family life. It also promotes those virtues which are essential in responding to the God’s call to love others with a proper respect for their dignity and the dignity of the human body. The following virtues will be explicitly explored and promoted: faithfulness, fruitfulness, chastity, integrity, prudence, mercy and compassion.

RSE is delivered in a variety of ways throughout the curriculum within: Science, PSHE, Collective Worship, Story Time and Circle time, RE and Computing.  This school has purchased Life to the Full from Ten:Ten to aid in the delivery of RSE.


Children are encouraged to participate in a variety of sports at St. Benedict’s. Each summer we enjoy our Sports Day with carousels of activities in the morning and competitive races in the afternoon. We are part of the Greenacre Sports Partnership and take part in Mini Youth Games Athletics, Cricket, Football League and the Medway Swimming Gala. Learning to be part of a team is very important to us here at St. Benedict’s. We are a school team and a community. Learning to encourage others and to be patient and understanding are characteristics that we encourage for children and staff. We also take part in Dance competitions.

Links with other schools

Over the years we have built up good relationships with schools in Zambia, Bangladesh and Hong Kong.  Staff and pupils from the schools have visited St. Benedict’s to give first-hand accounts of life in faraway countries. This has helped the children realise what life can be like in other schools and has helped them to appreciate their own lives in England. Our School Council has been proactive in raising funds for these schools over the years. This year we have begun to make friends with a school in Deptford. Visits have been arranged for pupils and staff to visit each other’s schools.

Understanding Democracy and Law

Year 6 pupils visit the Houses of Parliament each Year and learn about democracy and how laws are made. They meet with our local MP and have an opportunity to ask him/her questions about their role in society. If possible the children sit in and listen to a debate.

School Council

Pupils are elected to this each year. Representatives from Reception class to Year 6 take part in regular meetings representing the views of their classmates. The Council then vote for the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer for the forthcoming academic year.

Local Police

The police are invited into school to speak with the children about the importance of law and order.


Children at St. Benedict’s are encouraged to behave well, to take pride in themselves and the school community. They are given responsibilities in school. It is OUR school and from day one each child knows that they are special and they play an important part in our school community.

Home/School Agreement

All parents and children sign this ensuring that they will work with the school.


A weekly newsletter for parents informs them of what has been going on in the school community and beyond.