St Benedict's Catholic Primary School

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Chatham, Kent, ME5 8PU

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St. Therese’s Class (Year 4)



It's the last term already and we can't quite believe how quickly the year has flown by! This term we will continue the fantastic work we started last term on the topic the Environment and 'Keen To Be Green' - we will even get to visit Howlett's Zoo and see some exotic animal species for ourselves.  Alongside this topic, we will also be learning about Sound in Science.  We will investigate: how sound is produced; how sound travels; and what we mean by terms such as 'pitch' and 'volume'.  We will also experiment with making different sounds and even go on a Sound Walk around the school... which room will be the quietest (or loudest) I wonder...?  

In Maths, the children will, amongst other things, be building on their understanding of Time, and applying this to 'real life' problems.  To complement their learning, please encourage your child to read both analogue and digital clocks at home.   

In French - a subject the children really enjoy - we will be looking at developing our conversational skills and talkiing about the weather and the seasons.  Please feel free to encourage your children to use their newly learned vocabulary if you visit France over the Summer!

Outside the classroom, during our PE lessons (on Wednesday and Friday), we will be preparing for Sports Day, as well as continuing to develop our batting and fielding skills in our Cricket sessions with Adrian from KCC. 

This term, we will also do our last Year 4 Learning Log - we can't wait to see the work that the children produce.  Please feel free to help them make their double-page as interactive, creative and engaging as possible.  

As always, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you that every child should be reading at least three times a week and completing their homework, including spelling sentences, by Thursday.  Some children really struggle with the spelling sentences, so do please take the time to read through their work to ensure their sentences always make sense.

On a practical note, with the weather warming up (finally!), do please ensure that your child has a bottle of water in school with them every day.

Thanks for your cooperation.  Here's to a great last term together! 




Examples of Learning Logs