Reading and Phonics 


  • Read Write Inc Phonics Programme


Reading Schemes

  • Oxford Reading Tree
  • Oxford Tree Tops
  • Snapdragons (Oxford)
  • Nelson Navigators
  • Big Cat Phonics


How we teach Reading and Phonics at St Benedict’s

In Reception, when your child first joins St Benedict’s, English is taught as part of Communication, Language and Literacy development as they work towards their Early Learning Goals. We give all children the opportunity to communicate and listen to others in a variety of situations and practise exchanging their vocabulary with the others around them. Learning takes place through active exploration and through our directed phonics programme, Read Write Inc. The children have a 20 minute focussed phonics lesson every day learning a new sound and developing their language skills using the Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc scheme. When ready, the children will learn to blend these sounds together and read words appropriate to their ability.

In KS1, we develop their phonics, reading, comprehension and writing skills continuing the Read Write Inc phonics programme, which allows the children to take their phonics and reading skills and build on them. The children read books that are appropriate to their ability, ensuring that the children can focus on the necessary skill, whether it be reading, comprehending or spelling.  This session takes place for 1 hour three times a week. The pupils develop further English skills in other sessions outside of this hour.

In KS2, we continue to expand the children’s skills within reading, especially in comprehension, as the children become fluent and expressive readers. The children participate in guided reading sessions to hone in on these specific skills.

To support the children in their learning, books from one of the reading schemes above will be sent home with the child. This should align with their reading ability. As a child’s ability to read increases so does the level of book they read. To help the children develop, there is an expectation that parents will read every night with their child and where appropriate practise sounds and spellings that need to be learnt. Children are also encouraged, from the beginning of their school life, to frequently take home a book from the library to share and enjoy with their parents.


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Read, Write, Inc Presentation

Handwriting Presentation