St. Benedict’s is committed to the highest quality of provision for sports across the school.  We receive £16,210.00 per year Sports Premium funding and we work in close partnership with Greenacre Sports Academy.  Greenacre is a specialist sports academy.  We use it to enhance our PE and Sports curriculum to offer specialist teaching from teachers.  This includes fencing, dance, rugby, inter school sports, cricket, football, basket and gym.

We also use it to offer after school sports provision hosting a wide variety of sporting activities including inter school competitions.

 The weekly curriculum provides an entitlement to 2 hours of PE/Sports per week for all learners and this funding enables us to buy PE resources and equipment.


Physical Education

The Physical Education curriculum aims to promote personal health and fitness and to develop the skills required to take part in the wide range of sports taught within the school.

Physical Education and sporting activities allow our students to develop self-confidence and self-esteem, with opportunities to take part in competitive sport or develop a leisure interest.

During the School week, children have opportunities to use the hall, playground and playing field for their P.E lessons in a multitude of sports including: Football, Cricket, Badminton, Gymnastics, Rounders, Netball, as well as many others.  In KS2, children also have the opportunity to go Swimming.

Children also have the opportunity to take part in many lunch time and after- school clubs.  These clubs allow the children to improve on the skills they have learnt as part of their P.E lessons as well as prepare them for competitive sport. There are flourishing school teams in: Football, Rugby, Netball, Cricket, Hockey, Swimming, Basketball and Athletics. These teams compete each year in the Mini Youth Games series against other schools in Kent and Medway as well as other competitions such as the Deanery Games and Primary Football league.

At St Benedict’s we also try to provide extra opportunities for the children to experience physical activity and sports both in P.E lessons and outside of school. Often this is through external, specialist coaches providing sessions for the children.  This year this provision has included: Cricket, Handball, Rugby League and Fencing.

We also like to include our parents!  On Friday mornings, parents are invited to run, walk or jog with their children during our Friday Family Fun Run at 8.30am, aiming to complete a mile.

St Benedict’s works closely with other local schools and is also part of the Greenacre Sports Partnership.


Sports Crew:

The Sports Crew is made up of pupils from Year 6.  Their role is to run lunchtime and break time sessions for all children in the school.  They take part in a 6 week training program that teaches them how to create safe, informative and fun sessions for the rest of the school.