The Arts



Our skills based Art curriculum ensures that children experience a wide range of artistic activities in different mediums.  We aim to plan and provide the teaching of a variety of techniques through drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, 3D work, textiles and digital media. 

 At the end of each year, the art leader with the help of the children, organise an Art exhibition in the hall.  Every child chooses a piece of work they wish to exhibit.  Parents are invited to attend to admire their efforts and purchase a work of Art.


We would like to consider ourselves as a singing school.  Each year, Year 5 and 2 participate in the Medway Music Festivals at our local theatre.  Year 6 sing carols at Rochester Cathedral and perform at the Young Voices concert at the 02 arena.  The use of school productions are used to develop pupils talents through use of choirs (including soloist and duets)

We also provide for many opportunities for those wishing to learn an instrument.  Year 4 learn the violin for an entire year.  A range of woodwind, brass and string instruments can be learnt by our Peripatetic teachers.   Each year, those learning a wind or string instrument are invited to attend a celebration day at the local theatre.  

Every year we arrange a Music on a Summer’s Evening, where children share their talents, that they have learnt both in and out of school to family and friends. 

This year, we have been part of a pilot scheme to use music technology in the classroom. 


We love to dance at St. Benedict's, whether it be part of a PE lesson, a club, a school production or a liturgical dance for a mass, assembly or when performing at Aylesford Priory.

We try to enter dance competitions and events when the opportunity arises.

Year 3 have a specialist music teacher who teaches ICT computing composition.


As a school, we stage drama and musical productions at Christmas, Easter and at the end of the summer term which are thoroughly enjoyed by parents and children alike.  Teachers develop drama across the curriculum with our children through planned speaking and listening activities.  We encourage confidence in public speaking with tasks such as school council election speeches and through our annual competition within school where children are asked to recite poetry. 


We also take pride in our approach to the Arts through our Forest School sessions.