Religious Education is the core of our curriculum.  We aim to help children to find a
personal faith in God and to enjoy a sense of awe and wonder at His creation. 
We follow the scripture-based scheme of learning “The Way, The Truth, and The Life”. 
Through thought provoking lessons, we equip our children with the skills to let them
explore, question and discuss different values and beliefs. We ensure that each class
fulfils the Diocesan requirement of 10% teaching time in Religious Education.
In addition, we recognise the responsibility of living in a multi-faith and multicultural
society and introduce children to other world faiths and practices with an attitude of
mutual respect and tolerance.
When children leave St. Benedict’s, they have a strong understanding of themselves,
emotionally and morally, helping them to be able to adapt and cope with the ever-
changing world.
We have strong links to St Simon Stock Catholic Church and our Parish Priest, Fr.
Pawel and Deacon Martin contribute to each child’s religious journey.
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