Vision - St. Benedict’s enable confident, independent, and resilient learners inspired by Gospel values to become Christ like citizens.

Mission - Learning and Challenge Rooted in Faith.

Gospel Values 

At the beginning of each week, Pupil Chaplains lead class Morning Prayers linked to that week’s value. They talk about the values, their meaning and how they relate to the liturgical year. Each week, the school explores a different school value (based on the Gospel values) and through liturgy, prayer and lessons, children discuss and reflect on what the week’s value means to them and how they are able to act it out in their daily
life. In Friday’s whole school celebration assembly, ‘learners of the week’ and ‘superstars of the week’ are chosen because they have demonstrated the value of the week.

Catholic Ethos

During their time at St. Benedict’s Catholic Primary, the children are part of a school family with a strong Catholic ethos. Through lessons, prayer and liturgy, they are able to explore the life of God and develop their spirituality. The children are given different opportunities to reflect and show their understanding of religion which include; daily acts of worships, Masses, assemblies and visits to our church. Our Parish Priest, Father Pawel, and Deacon Martin help and guide the children in their religious journey through penitential services, the Sacrament of Reconciliation and class talks.

What do children think of Religious Education at St. Benedict’s?

“I like to learn about Jesus.” (Year 1 pupil)
“I like to learn Bible stories.” (Year 1 pupil)
“It brings me closer to Jesus.” (Year 2 pupil)

“I think prayers are wonderful.” (Year 2 pupil)
“We build a relationship with God.” (Year 3 pupil)
“They are special because we are in God’s family.” (Year 3 pupil)
“It is a special time to pray, mediate and reflect.” (Year 4 pupil)

“It gives me time to think and it is a special time to let go of your worries.” (Year 4 pupil)

“I enjoy learning about different religions.” (Year 5 pupil)
“The peaceful music and calming candle help me.” (Year 5 pupil)
“It deepens my faith and understanding in God.” (Year 6 pupil)
“We connect to God and it makes us want to be better people.” (Year 6 pupil)