Better Medway School Award

In May 2022, St Benedict’s were awarded the Better Medway Bronze School Award by the Medway Public Health Directorate




In order to achieve the award, St Benedict’s had to make a variety of pledges in relation to PSHE and the wellbeing of staff and children and we can say with pride that our school is now a ‘Healthy Setting’. 

Our PSHE and Wellbeing coordinator provided a substantial amount of evidence other the course of nearly two years which demonstrated that we:

  • We provide an excellent PSHE education for our pupils. 
    The mental health of children and staff is at the forefront of everything we do.
  • Our children and staff understand the importance of eating healthily and the benefits of nutritious food.
  • Our children and staff engage in physical activity on a regular basis and have an excellent knowledge of how this can benefit physical health, mental health and wellbeing.
  • Children are encouraged and rewarded to participate in ‘active travel’ and have an excellent understanding of how this can benefit physical health, mental health, wellbeing and the environment.
  • Through the School Development Plan, our senior leadership team have demonstrated staff wellbeing is of the upmost importance.
  • We have also provided parents and caregivers with numerous opportunities to share their opinions on the education their children receive and we have acted upon advice and feedback provided.