What does More Able and Talented (MA&T) mean?

At St. Benedict’s Catholic Primary School we define More Able children as those who are particularly able or excel in one or more academic subjects e.g. English, Maths, Science or ICT.       Talented describes learners who have the ability to excel in practical skills such as art, music, drama, and P.E. They may also have particular strengths in their person and interpersonal skills or leadership qualities.

How do we identify More Able and Talented pupils?

We use a variety of methods to identify More Able and Talented pupils.

These include:

  • teacher referrals based on observations
  • test results and teacher assessment
  • regular tracking of pupils’ assessment data
  • nominations from coaches, music teachers etc
  • information from parents

How do we provide for your child?


  • plan challenging work at a higher level
  • offer opportunities for self-directed study
  • use higher order questioning
  • provide a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs
  • varied pace
  • nominate children for extra-curricular competitions or classes
  • celebrate children’s leadership qualities by offering opportunities for recognised positions of responsibility


Mrs McAlpine -    More Able and Talented Lead

Mrs Warren-Heys - More Able and Talented Governor


Please click here for our More Able Policy.